Photovoltaic system on the roof


Mid term

Sustainability components

  • GHG emissions
  • Air quality
  • Soil
  • Water
  • Biodiversity
  • Animal welfare
  • Economic
  • Social
  • Technical feasibility

Climate risk region


Weather event addressed

Very high temperatures / Heat wave

Farming system

All animals

Description of the measure

Photovoltaic system on the barn roof to reduce the temperature in the barn

Comments on sustainability

Photovoltaic systems have a cooling effect on the barn as they avoid the direct solar radiation onto the barn roof. At the same time, photovoltaic produces renewable energy which can be used for other energy needs on the farm (e.g. additional sprinkler, ventilator, milking system). The first investment is high but this can be balanced out by the produced energy and the increased animal welfare. Cool barn temperatures reduce the ammonia emissions.