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You will now discover climate projections that characterize the climate of the next 30 years, period corresponding to the Near Future (NF). These projections come from climate models simulating the climate and its possible evolution (Model ETHZ-CLM-HadCM3Q0, A1B SRES scenario, Agri4Cast, JRC). A first series of general indicators describe the variables of this climate for the NF. Then, it is possible to browse more specific indicators, shedding light on the conditions of field arable crop production, fodder production, livestock management, and production of perennial plants (vineyards and fruits).

The possible changes in the climate are offered through graphical representations of several climatic variables: rainfall, average annual temperature, water deficit, sum of temperatures, number of hot or cold days per year, etc.

On each graph, the simulations offer a reading of the Recent Past (i.e. the past 30 years) as well as the Near Future (i.e. the next 30 years). By comparison, it is then possible to observe changes (extreme values, averages, etc.).

Annual average rainfall (mm/year)
Potential Evapotranspiration (PET) - Spring and Summer (mm)
Annual average water deficit (mm)
Average water deficit - Spring and Summer (mm)
Average water deficit - Fall (mm)
Annual average temperature (°C)
Annual sum of average daily temperatures higher than 0°C (GDD)
Annual average estival days (nb days/year)
Average temperature - Summer (°C)
Annual average frozen days (nb days/year)