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A climate is described by a set of climatic variables (temperatures, rainfall, etc.) over a period of at least 30 years, the time necessary to glimpse the variability and changes in certain parameters.

The annual average of daily temperatures (°C) is available for the period 1987-2016.

The results are presented for an entire calendar year, then by season according to the following approach: winter (January - February - March), spring (April - May - June), summer (July - August - September) and finally autumn (October - November - December).

For each graphical representation, the detail of the annual value is available by a simple hover with the cursor. Thus, you will be able to frame the minimum and maximum values of the proposed time series, but also identify possible changes over the period.

Source: Agri4Cast, JRC

Annual average temperature (°C)
Seasonal average temperature (°C)