LACCAVE project: A prospective for vineyards and wine sector in the context of climate change

To study the impacts of climate change and the potential adaptations of the French wine sector, INRA supported the LACCAVE project between 2012 and 2016, as part of a broader program on Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture and the Forest (ACCAF metaprogram). This project brought together researchers from several disciplines (climatology, genetics, agronomy, oenology, economics, sociology ...), from twenty-three teams from INRA, CNRS, universities and engineering schools . One of the flagship operations of the LACCAVE project was the conduct of a prospective exercise. Its objectives were:

  • identify and explore different adaptation strategies for French viticulture in the context of climate change, by 2050;
  • test a method to develop "paths" favoring the implementation of these adaptation strategies;
  • develop a common vision and networking practices between researchers and organizations in the sector.

In this context, the LACCAVE project explored several ways of adaptation at various time and space scales:

  • varietal selection (creation of genotypes adapted to new conditions) and change of variety or rootstock;
  • cultural practices on the plot (modification of the size and the leaf / fruit ratio, introduction of irrigation, better management of soil) or in the cellar (temperature management, method of dealcoholizing wine, acidification, yeasts that are less productive in alcohol);
  • or even relocation of plots within a small region.

Changes in the organization of the sector and in regulations were also considered, as were the investments to be made in research, technical support or information. Finally, the perceptions of the changes by the actors of the sector have been taken into account, whether consumers (the wine of “climate change” will be appreciated?) Or producers (what adaptations can be implemented work, and when?).

Source :

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