Climate impact: Which areas are affected?

The climate is changing and will continue to change in the future. The observed and projected changes can be directly linked to the emission of greenhouse gases by humans. Climate change manifests itself both in long-term climate changes, such as rising average temperatures or a higher sea level, and in altered climate variability, i.e. greater short-term climate fluctuations and more frequent extreme weather events such as heavy rainfall, droughts or hot summers.

The consequences of climate change are manifold and influence our daily life. Very different areas are affected. Examples (...) for agriculture are: A shift in the vegetation periods - the periods when plants grow, flower and bear fruit - has an impact on agricultural production. Extreme heat and drought can lead to crop failures.

Climate change also offers regional opportunities. Above all for the cultivation of "new", warmth-loving crops/ varieties, e.g. maize and wine in higher regions.