Period of diet distribution


Medio plazo

Componentes de sostenibilidad

  • Emisiones GHG
  • Calidad del aire
  • Suelo
  • Agua
  • Biodiversidad
  • Bienestar animal
  • Económicas
  • Social
  • Viabilidad técnica

Región de riesgo climático


Evento climático

Temperaturas muy elevadas / Olas de calor

Sistema agrario


Descripción de la medida

Period of diet distribution

Comentarios sobre la sostenibilidad

Meals outside of periods of extreme temperature (very early in the morning or in the evening), ensure that the trough is in a cool and shaded place, divide the meals into several distributions to keep the food fresh, the distribution of silage must be made in the shade and in the cool, favor quality fodder: palatability and high digestibility make it possible to maximize energy consumption, remove refusals before each new distribution.