Extension of crop rotation


Medio plazo

Componentes de sostenibilidad

  • Emisiones GHG
  • Calidad del aire
  • Suelo
  • Agua
  • Biodiversidad
  • Bienestar animal
  • Económicas
  • Social
  • Viabilidad técnica

Región de riesgo climático


Evento climático

Inundaciones / Lluvia intensa
Temperaturas muy elevadas / Olas de calor
Heladas intensas / Heladas tardías
Viento / Tormentas

Sistema agrario

All crops

Descripción de la medida

Extension of the crop rotation makes the production more diverse and more resilient to climate change (> 3 crops)

Comentarios sobre la sostenibilidad

A wider crop rotation improves the soil quality through the different crops and their root exudates, nutrient needs and contribution to humus formation. This is positive for the diversity of soil organisms and in general for the biodiversity. Due to a good and diverse crop rotation, pesticides can be reduced. The soil structure is improved, which improves the water infiltration and storage in the soil. The work load may increase.