Piling up of soil


Medio plazo

Componentes de sostenibilidad

  • Emisiones GHG
  • Calidad del aire
  • Suelo
  • Agua
  • Biodiversidad
  • Bienestar animal
  • Económicas
  • Social
  • Viabilidad técnica

Región de riesgo climático


Evento climático

Inundaciones / Lluvia intensa

Sistema agrario

Ridge plantings

Descripción de la medida

Reducing the erosion risk by piling up the soil in the rows

Comentarios sobre la sostenibilidad

Ridging of the soil horizontally to the main ridge in e.g. a potato field reduces the risk of soil erosion caused by heavy precipitations. The topsoil is kept on the field and the rainwater can infiltrate. This also prevents the run off of nutrients and pesticides. A further working step is necessary (fuel, working hour). For the special technique an investment and technical advice may be needed.