Reduced cutting and fertilising of grassland

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Composantes de durabilité

  • Emissions de GES
  • Qualité de l'air
  • Sol
  • Eau
  • Biodiversité
  • Bien-être animal
  • Economie
  • Social
  • Faisabilité technique

Région à risque climatique


Stress climatique


Système agricole

Dairy cows

Description de la mesure

During drought periods, less cutting and fertilising till the grass is green and able to absorb nutrients again

Commentaires sur la durabilité

By mowing the grassland less often, the total yields are usually higher than with the normal number of cuttings. Less harvest crossings are therefore necessary which lead to a reduced fuel need, working hours and to less soil compaction. Due to a reduced fertilisation, less ammonia emissons occur. It is however important to cut old dry grass which won't green any more.