Adapted insemination time point

Mise en place

Moyen terme

Composantes de durabilité

  • Emissions de GES
  • Qualité de l'air
  • Sol
  • Eau
  • Biodiversité
  • Bien-être animal
  • Economie
  • Social
  • Faisabilité technique

Région à risque climatique


Stress climatique

Très haute température / Vague de chaleur

Système agricole

Dairy cows

Description de la mesure

Insemination after the hot summer months increases the insemination success

Commentaires sur la durabilité

The insemination success under heat stress is reduced, this can be avoided by insemination in the late summer. At the same time, after saisonal calving in spring, the grassland is very rich in energy and protein in spring. The supply with optimal food, supports the health and animal output. The adaptation possibilities in the barn and the conditions with the dairy company have to be checked.