Mineral and other feed additives

Mise en place

Court terme

Composantes de durabilité

  • Emissions de GES
  • Qualité de l'air
  • Sol
  • Eau
  • Biodiversité
  • Bien-être animal
  • Economie
  • Social
  • Faisabilité technique

Région à risque climatique


Stress climatique

Très haute température / Vague de chaleur

Système agricole

Dairy cows

Description de la mesure

A higher share of mineral feed (+20%) balances the loss of minerals caused by a high perspiration during hot periods

Commentaires sur la durabilité

Increased mineral feed intake ensures that the animals' metabolism is maintained even during heat periods. Yeast additives can increase the digestibility of the feed. Rumen buffers prevent acidosis due to a lower basic feed intake. Healthy animals are efficient and reduce veterinary and medication costs.