Locally placed fertiliser

Mise en place

Court terme

Composantes de durabilité

  • Emissions de GES
  • Qualité de l'air
  • Sol
  • Eau
  • Biodiversité
  • Bien-être animal
  • Economie
  • Social
  • Faisabilité technique

Région à risque climatique


Stress climatique

Spring and summer

Système agricole

All crops

Description de la mesure

Locally applied fertiliser such as Cultan-Fertiliser ensures an efficient nutrition of the plants in dry regions

Commentaires sur la durabilité

In dry years or regions, the locally applied fertilizer has the advantage that there is no need for water to dissolve the nitrogen. It is placed directly in the root zone. Less nitrogen is washed out, less ammonia is emitted and there is therefore no negative effect on flora and fauna. One challenge could be the investment in the technique or finding a suitable subcontractor.