Frost protection candles

Mise en place

Court terme

Composantes de durabilité

  • Emissions de GES
  • Qualité de l'air
  • Sol
  • Eau
  • Biodiversité
  • Bien-être animal
  • Economie
  • Social
  • Faisabilité technique

Région à risque climatique


Stress climatique

Froid intense / Froid tardif

Système agricole

Apple, vineyards

Description de la mesure

Frost protection candles are implemented in the driving lanes to avoid a temperature decrease < 0°C

Commentaires sur la durabilité

The use of frost protection candles is very expensive (up to 2400 €/ha/frost night) and leads to increasing GHG emissions and to a reduced air quality. The use of the candles is not allowed everywhere. The additional workload usually is increased only on single days, but the measure is very effective to avoid catastrophic frost damages. Additional hail nets can increase the frost protection effect.